Finding Solutions to Food and Housing Insecurity on Campus

Students on your college campus are dealing with food insecurity, and some are even homeless.  What can you do about it?

Students on your college campus are dealing with food insecurity, and some are even homeless.  What can you do about it? At a time of scarce resources, this is a common and often perplexing question for college leaders.  It may require answers that go beyond usual institutional practices to engage strategic external partnerships, push for state policy changes, and rethink how we assess students.

These topics and many more will be at the heart of conversations taking place at the country’s only national meeting on food and housing insecurity in higher education: #RealCollege.

On October 23 and 24, 2017 please join fellow college practitioners, policymakers, students, faculty, trustees, and community groups in productive conversations in Philadelphia. We will hear from outstanding presidents like Pam Eddinger of Bunker Hill Community College and Russell Lowery Hart of Amarillo College about how they are taking creative steps on campus to meet their students’ basic needs. We will have in depth conversations about the realities facing homeless students and how housing authorities, shelters, and emergency aid can help.  During day-long workshops we will take a deep dive into multiple approaches to providing food to students with need, including “swipes,” pantries, and food scholarships.

We need your engagement and participation to help solve these wicked problems. Registration is inexpensive, and travel support may be available. Please visit our website now to view the agenda and sign up.

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